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Holy Spirit Box Rosewood 3x3

Holy Spirit Box Rosewood 3x3

Item# 782364

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This beautiful versatile box will be a lovely gift for the young person being Confirmed. The inspirational box is made of maple hardwood and then finished with a lovely rosewood stain. It measures 3 by 3 inches so is the perfect size to hold a rosary, medals or any small remembrances which the young person may receive on their Confirmation day. The top of the box features a pewter dove, symbol of the Holy Spirit, making the box significant to Confirmation. The dove image is emphasized by the gold ring surrounding the image. A birthstone rosary or birthstone bracelet enclosed in the Holy Spirit box would make the gift even more personal and would be an additional gift which the young person could use for years to come. The size of the box enables it to be placed and displayed just about anywhere. Whether used to store small mementoes or displayed as a sign of Confirmation, the box will be a meaningful reminder of the day the young person was blest in a special way by the presence of the Holy Spirit. The design of the box makes it suitable as a gift for either a young woman or young man.

Holy Spirit Box Rosewood 3x3IN