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Honeycomb 8IN Advent Candles Beeswax Blue/White

Honeycomb 8IN Advent Candles Beeswax Blue/White

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Add a warm glow to your holiday season with these beautiful blue and white Advent candles. The candles are made from 100% beeswax and stand 8 inches tall. You will find that these all natural blue and white beeswax candles burn brighter, cleaner, hotter and longer than other wax candles. They are non-toxic and have a soft, subtle, warm honey scent as they burn. Because they are all natural they contain no smoke causing impurities so the candles burn cleanly and leave no after burn residue. The candles burn evenly and are virtually dripless when kept out of drafts.

You will be pleased with the lovely color and meaning the blue and white candles add to your Advent season as you count down the days until Christmas. They will be a reminder to the family of waiting, patience and preparation as you count down and prepare for the celebration of the birth of Christ. We love the soft glow that candles give especially during the short days and long nights of the winter season. These Advent candles give you that soft glow while adding meaning to the Christmas holiday season. The candles come plastic wrapped.

Advent Candles 3Blue/1White 8IN Tall 100% Beeswax Packaged