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"How to Live in Flip-Flops" by Sandy Gingras

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"How to Live in Flip-Flops" by Sandy Gingras

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Ready to learn how to relax? Begin by reading Sandy Gingra's book entitled, "How to Live in Flip-Flops." This 64 page paperback guides those interested in creating a life lived from the heart vs. the mind from a woman's perspective based on the gifts of the beach environment. The spirit lifting watercolors and poetic prose in "How to Live in Flip-Flops" introduces you to the benefits of slowing down and entering the present moment. That's the only place you can really find happiness and connect to what truly matters to your heart, body, mind, and spirit.

Of course, small action steps are required to shift to slower gears and "How to Live in Flip-Flops" tells us some: "Lose the uncomfortable shoes," "Be thankful," "Smell like a coconut," and "Go slowly to see the little things." Ms. Gingras believes that opening our feet to the sun allows our lives to open, the stars, the moon, the sky, and the horizon's unlimited possibilities. "How to Live in Flip-Flops" is a delightful gift for female friends whether they are struggling or about to head to the beach.

"How to Live in Flip-Flops" by Sandy Gingra: 6.4" x 0.5" x 6.3"; 64 page Paperback

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