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Icon Scene Wood Ornaments 3ASST

Icon Scene Wood Ornaments 3ASST

Item# N14706

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This group of assorted ornaments has a simple look which is somewhat Swiss looking in design. The ornaments are made of wood and measure 3-1/8 inches wide and 2 inches high. One ornament features the 3 figures of the Holy Family. The second has a snowman and a small bird while the third has a man standing next to a little house and each of the ornaments is sold separately. The figures in all three ornaments are standing under an arch which features six small trees scattered across the top of the arch. The colors used are shades of brown and tan with a touch of red on the veil of Mary on the Holy Family ornament and a touch of red on the beak of the bird with the snowman. Each ornament comes with a red cord for convenience and ease in hanging.

One of these ornaments would be a fun gift to give a child or grandchild. Since there are 3 styles, you could give a different ornament to each child. The arches of the ornaments with the trees give the ornaments a unique and unusual look and any one will add interest to your holiday tree.

Icon Scene Wood Ornaments 3-1/8 x2IN 3 Styles Sold Separately

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