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In Search of Belief By Joan Chittister

In Search of Belief By Joan Chittister

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In Seach of Belief

Author: Joan Chittister
Paperback, 5.5 x 8.25 inches, 216 page.

Book Notes:
'In this stirring testament of the resiliency of the Christian faith, Joan Chittister... spells our the meaning of the Apostles' Creed, phrase by phrase. For her, this testament is not an indx of dogmas, but a 'catalog of choices, an inventory of possibilities, a roster of visions'....She breathes new life into these familiar phrases. ...This is a path-breaking resource for Christian educators to study and use in parishes.'
-Spirituality & Health

'This book is dangerous. Once you have read it, you can never again mumble the Creed complacently, without thought. Joan Chittister kindles fire in its dry formulations, setting themm ablaze with renewed meanings, making each phrase light the way to profound meditation. Read it are your peril.'
- Robert Keeler, Pulitzer Prize-winning religious writer, Newsday

'...In Search for Belief raises several questions about the Creed... The book is an invitation to examine the extent to which we have made the Creed a personal statement of what we truly believe... The life of faith is a perilous journey because it involves placing one's trust in God and in transcendent reality. What makes the book so refreshing is that the Creed is made relevant to the modern age. There is absolutely no chance of anyone being bored!'
-Trefoil, Southern African Catholic Quarterly