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Incense Sampler with Charcoal and Burner

Incense Sampler with Charcoal and Burner

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We are excited offer a new home incense gift pack that is a sampler collection with small packets of each of the 4 incenses. This enables you to bring the scent of incense used in worship into your own home or as a special gift to friends and family. This new home incense gift pack contains everything you need to safely burn incense within your own home. Complete with a 2" diameter fireproof clay bowl, our kit includes an assortment of 4 (.71 ounce packets) of popular resin incense types: Frankincense, Gum Damar, Gum Benzoin and Myrrh. A roll of 10 charcoal self-light tablets is also included in this packaged gift pack which allows you to safely burn the incense. The charcoal is easily activated by holding a lighter to the tablet for several seconds which lights the charcoal, making it hot enough to burn incense after several minutes.

Our home incense gift pack is ideal for exploring how to add a sacred element to your prayer life or for just the pleasure of scenting your home. St. Patrick's Guild offers a large selection of additional incense choices, charcoal, and metal home incense burners. Call our Church Goods Department today at 1-800-652-9767 to inquire or place your order.

Home incense gift pack; contains four .71 ounce packets of resin incense: Frankincense, Gum Damar, Gum Benzoin, and Myrrh. Kit includes 2" clay bowl and 10 pack of charcoal tablets