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Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick

Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick

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If you enjoy leisure walking, hiking or perhaps collecting unusual authentic Irish goods, then check out this Irish blackthorn walking stick! Handcrafted and cut from the Blackthorn bush that grows in the hedgerows all over Ireland, each stick has a unique shape. The handle is actually the root of the Blackthorn bush that is carved and varnished after the tenacious thorns on the shank are trimmed and rounded off. A protective coating of black enamel is then applied over the entire Irish Blackthorn walking stick shank with an application of a copper ferrule on the end's tip. Being a little crooked and knobby gives each of them a distinctive character, but they are not recommended for orthopedic use nor serve as fancy canes.

One of the best features of an Irish Blackthorn walking stick is that no matter how slender it is, it is strong and virtually unbreakable, yet they are very lightweight. This makes them ideal for walking and hiking. Each Irish Blackthorn walking stick is cut in the dead of winter when the sap is no longer running in the wood. Each handsome piece measures approximately 38" long.

Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick: 38" long; Handcrafted in Ireland