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Large Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant

Large Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant

Item# N12208

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The Solvar Company in Dublin is dedicated to highlighting the rich legacy of Ireland. This is shown in their new line of jewelry which includes this stunning Tree of Life pendant. The pendant is made of sterling silver, measures 1-1/4 inches across and comes on an 18 inch silver chain. The lines are smooth and fluid and give a soothing serene look to the pendant as the spiral branches and roots of the tree flow together. The trinity knot found in the center of the tree symbolizes love with no beginning and no end.

The tree was important to Celtic people as it provided so much for them from wood for shelter and fuel to dye for their materials to food for their families. No wonder they honored the tree by leaving a grand tree in the center of any land they cleared and then called it the "Tree of life". This pendant honors that ancient tradition through using Celtic knots and swirls to help create a stunning portrait of one of the grand old trees. This versatile pendant can be worn with jeans or your most beautiful formal outfit. It allows to you boldly proclaim your pride in Ireland and the rich legacy of traditions found there.

Tree of Life Pendant Sterling Silver 1-1/4IN Pendant on 18IN Chain Made in Ireland