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Liquid Candle Fuel 5 Gallons

Liquid Candle Fuel 5 Gallons

Item# 405074

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This liquid candle fuel is the natural choice for refilling your liquid candles. Made from 99.4% paraffin, our liquid fuel is some of the cleanest burning available. Solid wax candles can, over years, leave stains on walls and altar cloths, while liquid candles burn cleaner, leaving you with a cleaner sanctuary and church. Another advantage of liquid candles is that they are more resonably priced because instead of replacing the entire candle, you only have to refill the cartridge with our container of liquid fuel. Our case of liquid candle fuel contains two 2.5 gallon containers of fuel.

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Two 2.5 Gallon Containers of Liquid Candle Fuel: Case of 2