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Making Christmas Count ONeal, Ted

Making Christmas Count ONeal, Ted

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Christmas is a magical season for young and old alike. Children especially are filled with excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation, sometimes to the extent that the real meaning of the season is lost. Making Christmas Count A Kid's Guide to Keeping the Season Sacred is a book which helps bring children back to the reason why the holiday is celebrated. Part of the Elf Help series of books for children, the book measures 8x8 inches and has 32 pages filled with information about what really counts during this important season. One chapter is entitled "Ten Minutes of the Christmas Story" and discusses the story in a short period of time so the child is given information while retaining interest in what is being presented. The 8x8 inch paperbook book is filled with delightful color illustrations to illustrate the topic being discussed and to help hold the attention of any child reading the book. Sharing Making Christmas Count will be a nice way for a family to spend time together and maybe even plan family projects that help the child and family emphasize aspects of the holiday season that reflect the real meaning of the season.

Making Christmas Count Ted O'Neal Paperback 32PGS