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Missal Stand Plexiglas

Missal Stand Plexiglas

Item# 81007

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This missal stand is perfect for holding and displaying altar missals and sacramentaries. The missal stand is clear 3/16 inch solid plexiglas so lets the beauty of the altar book show through while holding the book securely. The top of the missal stand measures 16 inches across and 11 inches deep so has plenty of room to hold even larger missals or books. Completely hand crafted, the plexiglas missal stand adds a clean crisp look to the altar without detracting from the altar setting. The sides of the missal stand are slightly angled to hold the book securely when the book lies open on the missal stand. The plexiglas missal stand slides easily for adjustment or has two side openings so the missal stand can be picked up and moved. With the perfect pitch for comfortable reading, the missal stand is practical as well as functional. The back stop at the bottom of the missal stand prevents the missal, sacramentary or book being used from sliding or moving around on the stand. This practical missal stand is a good way to make using and reading any book on the altar as comfortable as possible.