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Monk With Beer Glass Statue

Monk With Beer Glass Statue

Item# N15871

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If you are a beer drinker, you can look to St. Benedict in gratitude. St. Benedict, in his Rules, required monks to earn their own keep and donate to the poor. One of the products they produced, along with cheese and honey, was beer. This statue features a delightful monk enjoying a wee drop of refreshment as he lifts his stein high in a toast. The statue is made of resin and stands about 11 inches tall. The monk is dressed in his robes and has the traditional tonsured hair cut. You can almost see the twinkle in his eye as he smiles in anticipation of that first sip.

The base he is standing on makes it appear as though he is standing outside perhaps taste testing some newly produced beer. No matter what is happening, you can certainly tell he is enjoying himself. This will be a fun statue to have on your patio or deck, especially when you are having guests over, or in your garden. If you have a bar in your home, you might want to set the statue on a shelf near or behind your bar as everyone needs a good drinking companion.

Monk With Beer Glass Statue Resin 11IN