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My Mass And Holy Communion Book Boy

My Mass And Holy Communion Book Boy

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This little book entitled My Mass and Holy Communion Book is child friendly and will give the young boy an easily understood explanation of the Mass and First Communion. The Communion book has a lovely black padded cover with a white inset which features a chalice that has bunches of grapes at the bottom of the chalice. Above the chalice is a host with the letters IMS which are the letters in the name of Jesus when it is written in Hebrew. The words "My Mass and Holy Communion Book" are gold stamped on the cover. The Mass and Communion book has child friendly colored illustrations which help the child to further understand the Mass and the pages are edged in gold giving an elegant look to the book. Written in an easy to read manner, the Mass and Communion book helps the child understand and recognize the beauty of the Mass and how receiving their First Communion allows the child to participate in the Mass in a very special manner. Children receiving First Communion may not be ready to follow a regular missal so this Mass and Communion book allows them to participate in Mass in an easier and more age friendly way.

My Mass and First Communion Book Boy Gold Stamped Padded Cover