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Nativity Sticker Advent Calendar

Nativity Sticker Advent Calendar

Item# BB203

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Let children create a manger scene while counting down the days of Advent with this sticker Advent Calendar. Each calendar comes with sheets that contain a sticker for each day of Advent which can be added to the background to create a special Nativity scene. The sticker Advent calendar is 14 by 11 inches and comes easy to hang and display. Each day as the family puts a new sticker on the calendar they have the chance to talk about what part the item displayed on the sticker played in the Nativity story thus keeping the true meaning of Christmas fresh in the minds of the family. The days until Christmas can be long for children to wait through so marking them off on the Advent calendar gives them a sense of time going by. During the hecticness of the season, taking a few minutes each day to talk about the events being depicted on the Advent calendar will help the family keep in mind the true meaning of the season. Children will be pleased and proud of the special Nativity picture they have created with the sticker Advent calendar.

Sticker Advent Calendar 14x11IN