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Our Lady Undoer of Knots Blue Rosary

Our Lady Undoer of Knots Blue Rosary

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This is one of the most beautiful rosaries you will find. Dedicated to Mary as the Undoer of Knots, the rosary features 7MM blue pearl glass beads. The ornate centerpiece or joiner features an image of Mary Undoer of Knots encased in pewter and the rosary also has an ornate pewter crucifix. Mary Undoer of Knots is a devotion brought to South America by Pope Francis while he was still an Archbishop and which is now spreading around the world. He was drawn to the image when he discovered it on a trip to Europe.

In the image Mary is shown untying knots in a long string with each knot representing a problem present in the world today whether an individual problem or a worldwide problem. The Rosary is a prayer dedicated to Mary and this rosary gives us another image of Mary and encourages us to seek her help in solving problems we may have. This is a beautiful rosary with the deep colored blue beads contrasting against the pewter of the links and crucifix. It would be a stunning gift to give the person who has a devotion to Mary or who has discovered the Mary Undoer of Knots devotion. The rosary comes gift boxed.

Mary Undoer of Knots Rosary Blue Pearl Glass 7MM Beads Pewter Centerpiece and Crucifix Gift Boxed