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Pahappahooey Island What About Me DVD

Pahappahooey Island What About Me DVD

Item# 32108

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This DVD is from the Pahappahooey Island series by Joyce Meyer whose stories start when Ali and her friends discovere the greatest treasure of the island, a book containing the Creator's words. Ali and her furry friends go forward from there through many exciting adventures filled with fun songs. Two episodes are contained on this DVD and the first is entitled What About Me?. In the story Ali and friends set out on a treasure but the evil Ichabone Slink has made them think only about themselves. The lesson found in the first episode has to do with sharing, playing and working together or, in other words, about selfishness. The second full length bonus feature is entitled Hide It In Your Heart where important things are disappearing from the island and Ali and her friends set out to find the culprit. The story illustrates finding out what, indeed, are your most important possessions and where is the best place to keep them. The lessons presented are done in a straight forward way indicating to Ali and her friends that they are never alone in these adventures, that the Creator is always with them. The DVD is suggested for ages 3 to 6 and runs about 67 minutes. The episodes can be watched together or, younger children who may have a shorter attention span can watch one episode at a time.

Pahappahooey Island What About Me? Joyce Meyer Ages 3-6 67MIN