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Pantocrater Icon 5-3/4" x 10"

Pantocrater Icon 5-3/4" x 10"

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Saved from the controversies that destroyed so many early icons, Christians world wide are lucky to have this aged religious Pantocrator icon. This particular Pantocrator icon is one of the earliest known religious icons of Jesus Christ and was preserved by the dry climate in Sinai's desert at St. Catherine's Monastery. The Pantocrator icon depicted here dates back to the sixth century, when icons were worked in the ancient encaustic or wax-melting technique of early Byzantine icons. Pantocrator means 'Ruler of All', a sentiment which is clearly featured here in this dominating portrait of a young Christ. Our Pantocrator icon will assist in your daily prayer and devotion to our most divine Savior, so buy this religious icon from St. Patrick's Guild today!

Pantocrater Icon: 5-3/4"W x 11"H