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Patron Saints By Patronage

Patronage Saint
Accountants St. Matthew
Actors St. Genesius
Adopted Children St. Thomas More, St. William
Advocates St. Ives
African Americans St. Martin de Porres
Against Poverty St. Maria Goretti
Aids St. Therese, St.Roque
Alpinists St. Bernard
Altar Servers St. John Berchman
America Miraculous
Ammunition Workers St. Barbara
Amputees St. Anthony
Animal Welfare Soc. St. Francis of Assisi
Animals St. Francis of Assisi
Apologists St. Justin
Apostleship of Prayer St. Francis Xavier
Apothecaries St. Raphael
Apple Orchards St. Charles Borromeo
Archaeologists St. Helen
Archers St. Sebastian
Architects St. Barbara
Arrowsmiths St. Sebastian
Art Dealers St. John the Evangelist
Arthritis St. James
Artillery St. Barbara
Artists St. Catherine, St. Luke
Asia Minor St. John the Evangelist
Astronomers St. Dominic
Athletes St. Sebastian
Australia St. Francis Xavier
Austria St. Florian, St. Stephen
Authors St. Francis de Sales, St. Paul
Automobiles St. Christopher
Aviators Our Lady of Loretto, St. Therese
Bachelors St. Christopher
Bakers St. Elizabeth, St. Nicholas
Bankers St. Matthew
Barbers Sts. Cosmos & Damian
Barren Women St. Anthony
Battle St. Michael
Belgium St. Joseph
Birds St. Francis of Assisi
Blacksmiths St. James
Blindness St. Lawrence, St. Lucy,
St. Raphael, St. Thomas Apostle
Bookbinders St. Sebastian
Bookkeepers St. Matthew
Booksellers St. John the Evangelist
Borneo St. Francis Xavier
Boy Scouts St. George
Broadcasters St. Gabriel
Brass Workers St. Barbara
Brazil Miraculous
Brewers St. Nicholas
Bricklayers St. Stephen
Brides St. Dorothy, St. Nicholas
Bridge Builders St. Peter
Builders St. Barbara
Bus Drivers St. Christopher
Butchers St. Anthony, St. Luke, St. Peter
Button Makers St. Louis
Cabinet Makers St. Anne
Canada St. Anne, St. Joseph
Cancer Patients St. Peregrine
Canonists St. Robert
Carpenters St. Joseph
Casket Makers St. Stephen
Catechist St. Charles Borromeo
Catholic Action St. Francis of Assisi
Catholic Education St. John Neumann
Catholic Univ. St. Thomas Aquinas
Cattle St. Brigid
Cattle Diseases St. Sebastian
Cavalry St. George
Cemetery Workers St. Anthony
Ceylon St. Lawrence
Charitable Societies St. Vincent de Paul
Charity St. Vincent de Paul
Chemical Ind. Sts. Cosmas & Damian
Children St. Maria Goretti & St. Nicholas
Children, Unruly St. Sebastian
Chile St. James
China St. Francis Xavier
Chivalry St. George
Choir Members St. Dominic
Civil Servants St. Thomas More
Clear Weather St. Thomas Aquinas
Clergy St. Borromeo, St. Gabriel
Comedians St. Genesius
Composers St. Cecile
Compositors St. John the Evangelist
Confectioners St. Joseph
Confessors St. Francis de Sales, St. John Vianney
Congo St. Francis de Sales
Converts St. Jason
Cooks St. Lawrence
Coopers St. Nicholas
Counsel Holy Spirit
Countesses St. Elizabeth
Court Workers St. Thomas More
Cutters St. Lucy
Dancers St. Genesius
Dancing Teachers St. Genesius
Deaf St. Francis de Sales
Death of Children St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Death of Parents St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Desperation St. Jude, St. Rita
Difficult Century St. Maximilian Kolbe
Difficult Marriages St. Thomas More
Diplomats St. Gabriel
Doctors St. Luke
Dog Bite St. Hubert
Dog Fanciers St. Roque
Domestic Animals St. Anthony
Dominican Order St. Dominic
Doubt St. Joseph, St. Thomas Apostle
Druggists Sts. Cosmas & Damian,
Dying St. Maria Faustina & St. Joseph
Emigrants St. Francis Xavier
EMTs St. Michael
Enemies of Religion St. Sebastian
Engineers St. Joseph
England St. George
Engravers St. John the Evangelist
Enlightenment Our Lady of Good Counsel
Epilepsy St. Genesius
Equador Scapular
Expectant Mothers St. Gerard, St. Raymond
Eye Diseases St. Lucy, St. Raphael
Eyes St. Lucy
Faith in Blessed Sacrament St. Anthony
Falsely Accused St. Elizabeth
Families St. Joseph
Families of Addicts St. Maximilian Kolbe
Family Harmony St. Dymphna
Farmers St. George
Fear of the Lord Holy Spirit
Fever St. Peter
Fire St. Francis of Assisi, St. Lawrence
Firefighters St. Florian
Fire Prevention St. Florian
Fireworks St. Barbara
Fishermen St. Andrew, St. Peter
Florists St. Dorothy, St. Therese
Flyers Our Lady of Loretto
Foot Trouble St. Peter
Fortifications St. Barbara
Fortitude Holy Spirit
Founders St. Barbara
France St. Joan of Arc
Frenzy St. Peter
Fugitives St. Brigid
Funeral Directors St. Sebastian
Gardeners St. Dorothy, St. Sebastian
Germany St. Michael
Giving Birth St. Philomena
Glass Industry St. Luke
Glaziers St. Mark
Goldsmiths St. Luke
Gout St. Andrew
Grandmothers St. Anne
Grave Diggers St. Anthony
Greece St. Nicholas
Grocers St. Michael
Gunners St. Barbara
Hairstylists St. Martin de Porres
Happy Death St. Joseph
Happy Meetings St. Raphael
Hardware St. Sebastian
Hazards of Traveling St. Christopher
Headaches St. Dennis
Healing of Wounds St. Rita
Hesitation St. Joseph
Home Builders Our Lady of Loretto
Homeless St. Benedict
Hopeless Cases St. Jude
Horseriders St. Anne
Hospital Administrators St. Francis Xavier
Hospital Workers St. Vincent de Paul
Hospitals St. Camillus
Housekeepers St. Anne
Housewives St. Anne
Hungary Miraculous
Hunters St Hubert
Immigrants St. Francis Xavier
Impenitence St. Barbara
Impossible Situations St. Jude
Imprisoned St. Philomena
Infertility St. Philomena
Insanity St. Dymphna
Invalids St. Roque
Ireland St. Patrick
Iron Workers St. Sebastian
Jewelers St. Luke
Journalists St. Francis de Sales
Judges St. Ives
Knowledge Holy Spirit
Laborers St. James
Lace Makers Our Lady of Loretto
Latin America St. Rose of Lima
Lawyers St. Genesius, St. Ives, St. Thomas More
Lead Workers St. Sebastian
Leather Workers St. Catherine
Lecturers St. Justin
Lepers St. Vincent de Paul
Lightening St. Barbara
Lithographers St. John the Evangelist
Loneliness St. Rita
Long Life St. Kevin, St. Peter
Lost Articles St. Anthony
Lovers St. Raphael
Lumbago St. Lawrence
Machinists St. Hubert
Mariners Star of the Sea, St. Brendan, St. Michael
Married Couples St. Philomena, St. Joseph
Masons St. Peter
Mass Servers St. John Berchman
Mathematicians St. Hubert
Medical Records Librarian St. Raymond
Medical Technicians St. Albert
Medical Technologists St. Albert
Mental Illness St. Dymphna
Merchants St. Francis of Assisi
Mexico Our Lady of Guadalupe
Miners St. Barbara
Missioners St. Francis Xavier
Missions, Domestic St. Francis Xavier, St. Theresa
Missions, Foreign St. Francis Xavier
Monastics St. Benedict
Monks St. Benedict
Montebanks St.Genesius
Mothers St. Anne, St. Gerard, St. Philomena
Motorcyclists Miraculous
Motorists St. Christopher
Mountain Climbers St. Bernard
Musicians St. Cecile, St. Gregory
N.C.C.W. Our Lady of Good Council
Navigators Star of the Sea, St. Brendan
Needle Workers St. Francis of Assisi
Nerves St. Dymphana
Net Makers St. Peter
Never Failing Hope O. L. of Perpetual Help
New Born Babies St. Brigid
New Zeland St. Francis of Assisi
Notaries St. Ives, St. Luke, St. Mark
Nurses St. Camillus, St. Raphael
Nursing Services St. Elizabeth
Obstetricians St. Raymond
Orators St. Justin
Organ Makers St. Genesius
Orphans St. Louise, St. Philomena
Painters St. Luke
Paper Makers St. John the Evangelist
Paratroopers St. Michael
Parish Priests St. John Vianney
Pawn Brokers St. Nicholas
Peasants St. Lucy
Peddlers St. Lucy
Pencil Makers St. Thomas Aquinas
Peril at Sea St. Michael
Peru St. Joseph
Pharmacists Sts. Cosmas & Damian
Philippines St. Rose of Lima
Philosophers St. Catherine
Physicians Sts. Cosmas & Damian, St. Luke
Piety Holy Spirit
Pilgrims St. James
Pioneers St. Joseph
Plague St. Roque
Plague Patients St. Sebastian
Poisoning St. Benedict
Police Officers St. Michael
Poor St. Anthony, St. Lawrence, St. Martin de Porres
Porters St. Christopher
Portugal St. Gabriel, Miraculous
Post Offices St. Gabriel
Postal Workers St. Gabriel
Potters St. Sebastian
Pregnant Women St. Gerard
Press St. Francis de Sales, St. Paul
Priests St. John Vianney
Prisoners St. Vincent de Paul
Prophecy St. Daniel
Public Relations (Hospitals) St. Paul
Public Speakers St. Justin
Publishers St. John the Evangelist, St. Paul
Racquet Makers St. Sebastian
Racial Harmony St. Martin de Porres
Radiologists St. Michael
Rape Victims St. Dymphna
Rheumatism St. James
Rome St. Philip
Runaways St. Dymphna
Russia St. Andrew, St. Nicholas
Saddlers St. Lucy
Safe Journey St. Raphael
Sailors Star of the Sea, St. Brendan, St. Michael
Salespeople St. Lucy
Scholars St. Thomas Aquinas
Schools St. Thomas Aquinas
Scientists St. Albert
Scotland St. Andrew
Scribes St. Catherine
Sculptors St. Luke
Seafarers St. Brendan, St. Michael
Secretaries St. Catherine, St. Genesius
Secular Priests St. John Vianney
Seminarians St. Charles Borromeo
Servicewomen St. Joan of Arc
Serenity St. Pio of Pietrelcina
Sheep Raisers St. Raphael
Ship Builders St. Peter
Sicily St. Nicholas
Sick St. Camillus
Sick Poor St. Martin de Porres
Sickness St. Camillus
Singers St. Gregory
Single Women St. Andrew
Sinners St. Maria Faustina
Skiers St. Bernard
Skin Diseases St. Peregrine
Snake Bite St. Patrick
Soldiers St. George, St. Joan of Arc
Solitary Death St. Francis of Assisi
South America St. Rose of Lima
Speleologists St. Benedict
Spiritual Directors St. Charles Borromeo
Spiritual Help St. Vincent de Paul
Stained Glass Workers St. Mark
Stamp Collectors St. Gabriel
Stationers St. Peter
Stenographers St. Catherine
Stepparents St. Thomas More
Stock Brokers St. Matthew
Stomach Trouble St. Charles Borromeo, St. Timothy
Stone Masons St. Barbara, St. Sebastian
Stone Workers St. Stephen
Storms St. Barbara
Student/Schools St. Thomas Aquinas
Students Taking Exams St. Philomena
Sudden Death St. Barbara
Surgeons Sts. Cosmas & Damian, St. Luke
Swans St. Sebastian
Switzerland St. Nicholas
Tanners St. James
Tax Collectors St. Matthew
Teachers St. Francis de Sales
Teenagers St. Maria Goretti
Telecommunications St. Gabriel
Television Workers St. Gabriel
Temptation St. Michael
Tertiaries St. Elizabeth
Theologians St. Thomas Aquinas
Throat St. Cecile
Tongue St. Catherine
Toothache St. Patrick
Travel St. Christopher, St. Paul
Travelers St. Brigid, St. Christopher
Truck Drivers St. Christopher
Tuberculosis St. Therese
Tumors St. Rita
Ulcers St. Charles Borromeo
Understanding Holy Spirit
United States Miraculous
Universal Church St. Joseph
Vanity St. Rose of Lima
Veterinarians St. James
Virgins Miraculous, St. Joan of Arc
Vocalists St. Cecile
Wales St. David
Warehouses St. Barbara
Widowers St. Thomas More
Widows St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Louise
Winemakers St. Francis Xavier
Wisdom Holy Spirit
Wolves St. Peter
Women in Labor St. Anne
Workers St. Joseph
Writers St. Francis de Sales, St. Paul
Yachtsmen Star of the Sea, St. Brendan
Youth St. John Berchman

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