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Playmobil Christmas Parade

Playmobil Christmas Parade

Item# N10499

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Celebrate St. Nicholas Day with this Playmobil set entitled, "Christmas Parade." Featuring St. Nicholas on top of a white horse, he is wearing full bishop attire including a red cope and hat; he is carrying a gold bishop's crosier. Designed for ages 4-10, there are 21 pieces in the set. These include: 3 children standing approximately 2 inches tall in attractive sweater designs; 3 decorative poles with 3 hanging decorations (Christmas tree, moon, and a candle in the Star of David); a horse with all riding equipment, and St. Nicholas with his crosier and measures approximately 3 inches.

Created by the famous German Playmobil, a brand you can trust, this Christmas Parade set is quite unique. This brings the story of St. Nicholas Day to life for youngsters everywhere. The pieces in the Christmas Parade set are designed to be handled by young children and take the wear and tear that littles put them through. If you're looking for just the right gift for your favorite young people, here is one that is educational and encourages children to activate their imagination while building hand and eye coordination.

Playmobil Christmas Parade with St. Nicholas: Tallest figure approximate 3"; 21 pieces; Made by Playmobil