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Praying Hands Bronze Handpainted 7.5IN

Praying Hands Bronze Handpainted 7.5IN

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The works of Albrecht Durer are found across the world but most people are familiar with only one, The Praying Hands. This beautiful statue is made of cold cast bronze and then lightly painted. The praying hands statue stands 7-1/2 inches high so is the perfect size to set almost anywhere whether a desk, shelf or table. Albrecht Durer's brother worked in the coal mines so Albrecht could go to the university. To show his love and as a tribute to his brother whose hands were broken and ruined in the mines, Albrecht drew this picture of his brothers hands and called it simply The Hands. But upon seeing the picture, the public immediately renamed it The Praying Hands. The detailing in the picture and in this remarkable bronze statue is incredible as you can see the wear and tear on every finger of the hand and in the wrinkling of the skin. Durer knew and drew the hands to show that no one can make it alone but rather everyone has the help and sacrifices of others to help them along the way. The praying hands statue would be a wonderful gift to give to a father or grandfather or to someone starting a new job.

Praying Hands Statue Bronze 7-1/2IN