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Praying Lamb Plays Jesus Loves Me

Praying Lamb Plays Jesus Loves Me

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Every child loves a plush toy! Gift a special child in your life with our cuddly praying lamb. The praying lamb toy sings "Jesus Loves Me" whenever its tummy is squeezed. Imagine the wonderment and comfort a praying lamb would bring to any child! As the child settles in for a nap or bedtime, the praying lamb who sings Jesus Love Me will be a sweet reminder of the eternal love of Christ for this child and all the children of the world. The lamb will also be a gentle reminder of and companion for a child learning the importance and routine of prayer and, as the child starts out, the song Jesus Loves Me is an easy song for a child to learn and sing. A praying lamb singing Jesus Loves Me is both a strong and gentle statement of faith for a little one. The plush lamb is a gorgeous ivory color which will fit into any nursery or bedroom décor. The praying lamb will bring a smile to the face of the child reflecting the smile dancing on the face of the praying lamb itself. The singing plush lamb is about 9-1/2 inches high.

Plush Lamb Sings Jesus Loves Me 9-1/2IN