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Pyx with Crucifix 6-9 Hosts Green Stone

Pyx with Crucifix 6-9 Hosts Green Stone

Item# 5895

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The Eucharist is one of the most important things in our faith as Catholics. When we receive the Eucharist, we are receiving the true physical presence of Jesus Christ Our Savior. Every Catholic should be able to receive this wonderful sacrament. Because this sacrament is so important, so is the role of being a Eucharistic Minister. Using a Communion pyx to take consecrated hosts to those who are unable to attend Mass provides an important link between the Mass and those who are not able to attend as well as allows them to take part in a fundamental part of being Catholic. Designed with a beautiful Celtic crucifix with a small green stone atop the crucifix, this polished brass Communion pyx will remind both the Eucharistic Minister and the person receiving the Eucharist of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us. Proudly and expertly made in the USA, this fine polished brass Communion pyx has a carrying capacity of 6 to 9 hosts. This well made and sturdy polished brass Communion pyx will be able to safely carry the Eucharist to those who need it for years. This polished brass Communion pyx also has a protective lacquer finish to make certain that the gorgeous design will not wear off or fade away. Easy to carry and easy to open, this smaller capacity polished brass Communion pyx is a very fine way to bring those unable to attend Mass the joy of receiving the Eucharist and would also make a great gift for an ordination. This polished brass communion pyx is also an especially good item to have if you regularly visit someone in a hospital or nursing home.