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R.J. Toomey Summertime Roman Cassock - 19 X 50 X 60

R.J. Toomey Summertime Roman Cassock - 19 X 50 X 60

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As an ordained minister of God, a priest vows to dedicate his life to serving the people of God's church. As a mark of this office, a priest wears special liturgical vestments to distinguish himself as a shepherd of men. Among the wide range of liturgical vestments available to priests, the Roman cassock is among the most well known. Dating back to classical antiquity, the Roman cassock is a visible sign of our Catholic past and a way for priests to remind both themselves and their parishioners of their connection to tradition. The Roman cassock fastens in the front with 33 buttons, which symbolize the 33 years that Christ walked on Earth before he died for our sins. Simple and elegant, this black summertime Roman cassock makes a wonderful addition to any priest's wardrobe. A more formal and traditional alternative to the liturgical suits commonly worn today, this lightweight summertime Roman cassock combines the formality of a roman cassock with a highly wearable fabric. Mixing ancient tradition with modern comfort, our summertime Roman cassock is sure to make any priest look his best!

This summertime Roman cassock combines the beautiful traditional form of the Roman cassock with a lightweight cotton-poly fabric, making for an incredibly comfortable and wearable liturgical vestment. Cassock measures 19 inches at the collar, 60 inches at the back, 34 inches at the sleeves, and 50 inches at the chest. This summertime Roman cassock is manufactured by R.J. Toomey company, a leading manufacturer of durable, high-quality liturgical vestments. If you have any questions about this cassock, please do not hesitate to call our friendly church goods department at 1-800-652-9767 or email us at