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San Damiano Crucifix Bronze 11x16IN

San Damiano Crucifix Bronze 11x16IN

Item# 974

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This San Damian crucifix is a stunning crucifix to have on display in your home. The crucifix comes from the Veronese Collection of Goldscheider of Austria and is made with the cold cast bronze method while measuring 11 inches across and 16 inches high. It is lightly hand painted giving just a hint of color to the figures presented on the crucifix while outlined in gold. The San Damian crucifix is an icon crucifix in that it contains other figures, besides Christ, who are related to the crucifixion. The icon crucifix was used in the 12th century as a means to teach about the crucifixion to people who couldn't read while at the same time strengthening their faith. The crucifix includes 5 larger figures which are Mary the mother of Jesus, St. John, Mary Magdelene, Mary the mother of James and the centurion. Smaller figures include the soldier who pierced the side of Jesus, the one who offered him the vinegar wine and many angels overlooking the scene. The San Damian crucifix has a lot going on within the crucifixion scene presented giving you many different sources and ideas for meditation. The San Damian crucifix comes securely boxed.

San Damian Crucifix Cold Cast Bronze 11x16IN Boxed