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"Scrappy" Stuffed Plush Musical Dog

"Scrappy" Stuffed Plush Musical Dog

Item# CB45200

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"Scrappy" is the perfect name for this bulldog with his bushy eyebrows and dressed in his red and white athletic jacket. He is a soft plush dog measuring 10 inches high and when you squeeze his foot his musical movement plays the song "Do You Love Me Now That I Can Dance". Not only does the song play but "Scrappy" moves his ears along to the musical beat. Scrappy tries to look tough with his bulldog face and jacket and make you think you better love him but he doesn't carry it off very well. He is so soft and cuddly you just want to hold him and give him a hug. Children will really enjoy singing along and dancing to the music as the dog sings and moves his ears. Scrappy is recommended for ages 3 and up so will be a perfect birthday gift to give a child of this age. At this age many children are learning to sing and enjoy singing so it will be fun for them to sing and dance along with Scrappy. Batteries are included and instructions for replacing them are also included.

Musical Dog Plush Plays "Do You Love Me" Batteries Included