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Set of 4 Advent Candle Glasses

Set of 4 Advent Candle Glasses

Item# N12510

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Marking off Sundays of Advent can make the holiday season a more intimate and spiritual experience for an individual or whole family. This set of 4 votive candle holders comes with 3 purple and 1 pink glass holders which are the colors for the four Sundays in Advent. The holder measures 2-5/8 inches high and 2-1/8 inches in diameter so will hold votive candles or tea lights. Purple and pink candles, the colors of Advent, will look attractive in the candle holders or white candles can be used.

The candles can be set on a table and one new candle lit each week of Advent. They would be attractive when set in the midst of seasonal greens or when used in an Advent wreath. The family can gather around and say the weekly Advent prayers to the glow of soft and lovely candle light. Using an Advent wreath or candles is a wonderful way for a family to come together during the holiday season and share the prayers and stories that lead up to the birth of Christ. Being mindful of Advent keeps the reason for the season active and important in the family celebration of the holidays.

Set of 4 Advent Votive Holders 3Purple 1Pink 2-5/8IN Tall