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Shamrock Pendant

Shamrock Pendant

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Our Shamrock necklace embodies one of the world's most easily recognized symbols and is inspired by the ancient Celtic traditions of Ireland. Wearing the Shamrock necklace will connect you to the symbol's rich past first with the Druids and later with St. Patrick. Perhaps the three leaves on the Shamrock necklace, crafted with expert skill, will come to signify the mystical powers of the sacred number 3 for you as it did with the Druids. Or, St. Patrick's use of the three leaves to signify the Trinity while bringing Christianity to the Emerald Isle may be what keeps your Shamrock necklace close to your heart.

Whatever meaning it brings for you or to the loved one you purchase it for, this Shamrock necklace will quickly become a beloved piece of jewelry. The Shamrock necklace is soothing to touch and is sculpted on both sides. Each leaf is delicately shaped like a heart. The 18 inch chain and the high quality lobster claw closure make this Shamrock necklace the perfect length and choice for women. Why not bring the 'Luck of the Irish' to your life or another's with this stunning Shamrock necklace, made of rhodium plate, and comes straight from Ireland.

Rhodium Plated Shamrock Pendant: .6 inch wide, 18 inch chain, made in Ireland by Solvar Jewelry.