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Soar Willow Tree Figurine

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Soar Willow Tree Figurine

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The Soar Willow Tree figurine comes with a lot of symbolism according to the artist. The figurine shows a girl holding a bird up in her hands as the bird gets ready to fly. The figurine is made of resin and measures 5-1/2 inches high so is easy to display just about anywhere that you would wish to place it. The sentiment the Soar figurine represents is "a time to reflect a time to soar".

The artist says the figurine was influenced by the song Turn Turn Turn by Pete Seeger which is based on Ecclesiastes where the verses talk about a time for every season under heaven. Some of the meanings that could be taken from the figurine are a time to reflect, to be uplifted, to release hopes and dreams or to pause and reflect a moment before moving forward. The Soar figurine would be a lovely gift to give someone about to start out on a new path in life or to someone who has ended a particular phase of their life. It would be a lovely gift to give as a sign of your encouragement to anyone starting a new venture. The Soar figurine would be a particularly fitting gift to give for graduation. It comes gift boxed.

Soar Willow Tree Figurine Resin 5-1/2IN Boxed

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