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St. Nicholas Paper Holy Card

St. Nicholas Paper Holy Card

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This paper holy card is dedicated to St. Nicholas who was a 4th century Bishop and saint. The card is paper and measures 2-1/4 inches across and 4 inches high. He is said to have been at the Council of Nicaea where he vigorously defended orthodoxy. The front of the holy card shows Saint Nicholas with his hand raised in blessing and holding a book of the Gospels. The image has a thin line of decorative gold gilt around the outside of the card which adds an attractive look to the card. The back of the Saint Nicholas holy card has a prayer to God for the protection of children and for the growth and strength of their faith.

St. Nicholas is the patron saint of Russia, children and also a variety of other causes including sailors, merchants and more. He was known for his secret generosity especially to children and when his feast day is celebrated on December 6 children often today receive a small gift. This legendary secret gift giving became the gift giving of the Santa Claus we know today. The Saint Nicholas holy card would be a lovely small token to give new parents or to any parents. It can be used as a bookmark in any book or bible and the prayer makes it especially appropriate for families with children.

St. Nicholas Holy Card Paper 2-1/4x 4IN