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Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring

Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring

Item# N12250

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The claddagh symbol is instantly recognized as coming from Ireland. The family-owned Solvar Company in Dublin presents this symbol in a stunning ring created by true Irish craftsmen. Legend has it the symbol expresses the joy, love and gratitude felt by a kidnapped Irish sailor when he returned and found his true love still waiting. So you find the heart for love, the hands for friendship and the crown for loyalty all found on the claddagh symbol. The ring is made of sterling silver with the heart, crown and cuffs of the arm sleeves embellished with brilliant crystals which add a touch of sparkle and elegance to the ring. The claddagh ring comes in whole sizes only from 5 to 10.

With all the symbolism in this ring, any girl or woman will delight in wearing and displaying her meaningful claddagh ring. The ring itself is stunning and with the love, friendship and loyalty symbolized with the heart, hands and crown, you have a piece of jewelry that is beautiful to wear and which carries much heartfelt sentiment. The ring comes boxed.

Claddagh Ring Sterling Silver with Crystals Whole Sizes 5 to 10 Made in Ireland Boxed