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Sterling Silver 'My Beloved' Purity Ring

Sterling Silver 'My Beloved' Purity Ring

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Wearing a purity ring, when you or someone in your life is ready to make a commitment to remain abstinent until marriage, can be a life-changing choice. Let's face it, during the years of great temptation which teens and single adults encounter, a purity ring is a welcome, tangible symbol of their decision. A purity ring, like this sterling silver band with the words, 'My Beloved' on the outside and 'I will Wait' on the inside, may become a significant jewelry piece. Inspired by the ancient Romans, who believed that the third finger on the left hand is the closest to the 'vein of love', the purity ring is worn on this finger.

The history of the purity ring, like all rings, is influenced by the symbolic meaning of the circle. This includes having no beginning and no end, unity, shape of the sun and moon, and speaks to the fullness of your commitment which the purity ring stands for. A wedding day will come; when it does, you will remove the purity ring and replace it with a ring given by your love. In that moment, you will reap the joy of the commitment you embarked upon with the purity ring.