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Ten Commandments Book Gloria Series

Ten Commandments Book Gloria Series

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The Ten Commandments are the best known early instructions given to the Israelites by God as to how to live a just and lawful life. They are an important part of the Christian church today. This book, The Ten Commandments presents the commandments and then breaks them down into smaller segments which are then explained and interpreted in a way a smaller child can understand. The Ten Commandments is a hardcover book with 27 pages written to help a child understand more fully what they are praying and saying when they repeat the prayer. The book is illustrated by Fratelli Bonella with delightful images of little children and child angels that further explain the portion of the prayer being talked about. The Ten Commandments is a wonderful way to help a child look beneath the words being said in the commandments to find a deeper more extensive meaning which should help the child better understand the commandments and make them more meaningful when the child recites and talks about them.

The Ten Commandments Hardcover Book 26PGS Delightfully Illustrated by Fratelli Bonella

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