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The First Christmas Sticker Book

The First Christmas Sticker Book

Item# N12268

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Many children learn by doing associated activities. Help your children learn the nativity story with this First Christmas Sticker Book by Bethan James and Jenny Tulip. The book tells the nativity story in easy to read language and allows the child to complete each picture with accompanying stickers. There are 12 pages retelling the story, 2 pages full of stickers and a 2 page pullout poster. Stickers are included for each page of the story and there are also extras so the child can create his or her own nativity scene on the poster. The book is recommended for ages 3-5 years.

Children love to have someone read them a book but it is even more fun when they can get more involved. First Christmas Sticker Book allows them to participate by giving them the opportunity to "create" the story when it is read by putting the appropriate stickers on the characters of the story. They become acquainted with the angels, the shepherds, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus among others. Using the stickers gives parents and children the opportunity to talk about the story and about what is happening and helps the story come alive for the children.

First Christmas Sticker Book Bethan James and Jenny Tulip Paperback 14PGS Recommended for Ages 3-5