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"The Guardian Angels: Our Protectors" - 5" x 6" Hardcover for Children

"The Guardian Angels: Our Protectors" - 5" x 6" Hardcover for Children

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Many people have encounters with their guardian angels and this little book for children by W.J. Hirten explains their presence. Entitled, "The Guardian Angels, Our Protectors," this 30 page hardcover book is filled with Fratelli Bonella artwork from Italy. "The Guardian Angels" measures 5" x 6" in size and is perfect for little hands to hold. This informative book is written by Daniel A. Lord, S.J. and is geared for youngsters that are ready for spiritual formation.

The easy to read text in "The Guardian Angels" begins by explaining how the angels in heaven had a fight. Then Daniel Lord, S.J. takes children to the Garden of Eden to discuss why each human needs a protector while on earth. The layout of "The Guardian Angels" presents text on one side and a beautiful Bonella illustration on the other. The author then addresses how a guardian angel is assigned to each child to guide, love, and protect all the way through life helping with choices to sin or not. The ending addresses guardian angels with people at their deaths and being welcomed home by Christ.

"The Guardian Angels" Book: 5" x 6" Hardcover with 30 pages; Color Bonella Illustrations

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