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'The Life Compass' Pendant for Women & Children on 18" Chain

'The Life Compass' Pendant for Women & Children on 18" Chain

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Instead of North, South, East, and West, the Life Compass™ necklace has a new set of diretions for you to follow. Around the edge of the Life Compass™ pendant are the 'directions' G, K, F, and F. The meaning behind this comes from a poignant letter that a loving father wrote to his son as he left for college. In the letter, the father shared his wisdom and perceptions of what is truly important for a balanced and fulfilled journey through life. The directions he gave, which have been transcribed onto the Life Compass™ necklace are:

G: Make God a part of your daily life.
F: Stay close with your Family.
F: Seek and nurture worthy Friends.
K: Develop a passion for Knowledge.

The Life Compass™ is a gentle reminder for those who are heading off to college, making their Confirmation, RCIA, or starting on a spiritual journey. The necklace lets us know that, when we get off course in our journey, God will help us if we turn to those who truly care. The Life Compass™ necklace pendant is 5/8 of an inch tall, plated in sterling silver and comes on an 18 inch stainless steel chain and has been an extremely popular piece of inspirational jewelry for young teens as a Confirmation or graduation gift. All of the items you can buy at St. Patrick's Guild in the Life Compass™ gift box.

Women's Life Compass Pendant: 5/8"H on 18" stainless steel chain; Sterling silver