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The Reluctant Donor  Suzanne Ruff

The Reluctant Donor Suzanne Ruff

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Many people have not heard of Polycystic Kidney Diesase (PKD) but this disease has plagued Suzanne Ruff's family for generations. In the Reluctant Donor, Suzanne relates her experience of contributing a healthy kidney to her sister (whom, in Suzanne's words she isn't even sure she likes) who needs a transplant. Told with humor and honesty, The Reluctant Donor shares Suzanne's feelings of doubt, terror, fear as she goes through the process of making the decision to donate her kidney and then goes through the surgery all the while finding small miracles around her. Suzanne's story brings awareness of this devastating disease and the urgent need for organ donors as she continues to work for a cure for PKD and spread the word about the miracle of organ donation.