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The Twelve Ordinary Men Arch Book

The Twelve Ordinary Men Arch Book

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Another bible story from the Arch Books series of bible stories for children is The Twelve Ordinary Men which tells the story of Jesus selecting the special twelve apostles to whom he chose to teach and with whom he chose to spend time. Told in creative lively rhymes, Twelve Ordinary men presents small pieces of information about each of the ordinary men whom Jesus selected showing how important everyday people can be in living a life as Jesus asked us to live. The colorful illustrations in Twelve Ordinary Men add to the picture we get of these men and make them more real to children and parents reading the book. The final page of Twelve Ordinary Men is for parents and expands on the meaning and theology of the story which may give parents ideas as to how to discuss the story with their children. Poetry is always a fun way for children to learn stories and lessons and Twelve Ordinary Men shares the story of the apostles with unique poetry and bright colorful illustrations. Twelve Ordinary Men is suggested for reading level grade 3 and ages 5-9.