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Tree of Life Pendant in Rhodium

Tree of Life Pendant in Rhodium

Item# N12244

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In giving a taste of the rich legacy of the Irish culture, the Solvar Company of Dublin has designed the Tree of Life pendant. The pendant is made of oxidized rhodium which keeps the pendant looking shiny and bright and prevents any tarnishing. It measures 1-1/8 inches across and comes on an 18 inch chain which is a length preferred by many women. The branches of the tree end in trinity knots which symbolize unending love while the visible roots show the spiritual connection between earth and sky. The tree has a light airy design which is highlighted by the embossed design of the surrounding circle which is also a symbol of unending love.

In times past, when clearing land, a tree was left in the center of the clearing which the people honored as the Tree of Life. It was celebrated for all the things the trees and nature provided for the people like food, building materials, fuel and much more. The pendant with its symbolism of life and unending love makes it an excellent gift to give to the woman in your life to express your feelings. It would be perfect to give for a birthday or anniversary or for a holiday like Christmas or Valentine's Day. The pendant can be worn with casual or more formal clothing so is a versatile gift to give or receive.

Tree of Life Pendant Oxidized Rhodium 1-1/8IN Pendant on 18 Inch Chain Made in Ireland