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Unfinished Wood Cross 3.25IN

Unfinished Wood Cross 3.25IN

Item# D9190

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There are so many ways you can make use of this little inexpensive unfinished wood cross. The cross is laser cut with decorative ends on the arms of the cross and a recessed border around the edge of the cross both of which add nice detailing to the cross. Since it is unfinished, you can paint it or stain it or finish it in any manner you desire. A cord hanger is attached so the cross can be hung in any location or it could be used as a Christmas ornament to enjoy year after year.

This unfinished cross would give you a wonderful project to give to children to do in a religion class, a religious education class, a day care class or as a project for the children in your home. They could finish the crosses in any manner they choose whether paint, stain, decals or even just color crayons. The finished cross would give them something to hang in their rooms of which to be very proud or to hang on their tree at Christmas time. A First Communion class might work on them to have a lasting remembrance of the occasion of their receipt of Holy Communion. They would also be a fun project for adults to work on when on a retreat. The inexpensive price enables you to to use these unfinished crosses for many memorable projects.

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