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White Unscented Ball Candles 4Pk

White Unscented Ball Candles 4Pk

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These white wax ball candles are convenient and versatile to use for many purposes. The candles come 4 in a pack and measure 2-1/2 inches in diameter so will fit most Advent candle holders or any candle holders that use ball candles. They can be used one at a time in any holder which will hold a ball candle or used as a group in a decorative centerpiece. Because of the neutral color they can be used with any color scheme being used in decorating and for any occasion. The size is a nice size to use as the candles will burn for the length of almost any occasion giving a nice warm glow for the duration of the event. White candles are a convenient candle to have on hand while also ready to be used at a moment's notice. The candles could be combined with the colors a bride is having in her wedding and used to help decorate for a bridal shower or for the wedding itself. The versatility and inexpensive price of this candle make it one you will appreciate having on hand.

White Wax Ball Candles Pack of 4 2-1/2IN Diameter