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10-1/2" x 8" Solid Royal Blue Gift Bag

10-1/2" x 8" Solid Royal Blue Gift Bag

Item# 116765

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Rather than struggling with scissors and tape, simply use this 8"W x 10-1/2"H x 4-1/4"D bag to present your gift. These solid royal blue gift bags are a great choice for birthdays, baby showers, or an "everyday" surprise. Since blue is a universally popular color, the bags are appropriate for a variety of uses. Purchase several to have on hand when you have multiple gifts to give such as during the holiday season. The solid color bag comes with natural color handles which are easily dressed up further with ribbon or other ornamentation.

If your child is having a birthday party, decorating these bags can be a fun event. Children love to personalize their pieces and they can use it later for a future gift-giving event. And Christmastime is another creative opportunity with a solid royal blue gift bag like this one. Simply decorate it with white to create an alternative to the usual red and green using snowflake or snowmen designs. Get out the stamps and have at it! It's so easy that the whole family can take part in it and you'll be set for the holiday gift giving!

Royal Blue Gift Bag: 10-1/2"H x 8"W x 4-1/4"D