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27" Our Lady of Grace Framed Print

27" Our Lady of Grace Framed Print

Item# N15538

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Here is a perfect Our Lady of Grace print for anyone who finds a Marian devotion uplifting. Measuring 20"W x 27"H including the stained wood frame, the high quality print on medium density fiberboard is truly inspirational. This particular Our Lady of Grace print focuses on the 12-Star devotion. This devotion has its origins in the Baroque period during the 17th and 18th centuries. The 12-Star devotion was born out of the Biblical reference in Revelation where it says, "great sign of the woman in the sky, clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and her head a crown of 12 stars."

The 12 stars shown in the Our Lady of Grace print have specific meanings: 1-Immunity with regard to sin, 2-Highest purity, 3-Fullness of grace, 4-Perfect knowledge of God that can be obtained on Earth, 5 and 6-Perfection of Love and expression of Love, 7-Exalted above all other creatures pure in connection to God, and 8-Embodiment of dignity. The last 4 stars refer to her maternal gifts: 9-Giving birth to Jesus without sadness of heart, 10-Simultaneously a Mother and a Virgin, 11-Dignity as a Mother because of Jesus' highest divine nature and 12- Mother of God within the realm of flesh and Mother of both men and women within the realm of Spirit. This Our Lady of Grace print brings a truly inspirational presence to uplift your devotional time whether in your own home or church chapel space.

Our Lady of Grace Print Framed: 20"W x 27"H; Wood frame, High quality print on fiberboard; Ready to hang