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7-1/2" Holy Water Font Belleek

7-1/2" Holy Water Font Belleek

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It may not be something you find in every home but this beautiful Belleek holy water font is perfect to have in your home to use as the need arises. The holy water font is made in Ireland by the famed Belleek company and features their noted fine white parian china. This holy water font is in the shape of the traditional Celtic cross and measures 7-1/2 inches high, 2-1/2 inches wide and 3-3/4 inches deep. The holy water font is hand crafted and will look stunning no matter where it is placed. The center of the Celtic cross has a starburst design while the lower portion of the holy water font which holds the water is outlined with an embossed Celtic braid design and has a cross in the center of the holder. This elegant holy water font from Belleek can be used for blessing with holy water and would be very effective hanging in an entryway. If there is illness in the family, the holy water font could be hung in the room of the sick person. The holy water font could also be hung on a wall and used as an inspirational wall hanging.