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Aionios Sea of Galilee Paschal Candle 3 x 36 IN

Aionios Sea of Galilee Paschal Candle 3 x 36 IN

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Dadant Aionios Sea of Galilee Paschal Candle 3 x 36 inches

This very special Fos Aionios candle has its focal point sapphire blue bands of wax, entirely hand-sculpted in bas-relief to symbolize the waters of the Sea of Galilee. The incensed nails, which compliment and complete this paschal candle, are the selfsame sapphire blue, with hand rubbed gold overlay. Aionios Sea of Galilee has a quiet presence. Close your eyes and reflect. The Harmony of the waters. The beauty of Christ's Peace.

Ageless. Eternal. Timeless. Unending.

Harking back to an era when tradition and symbolism were a cornerstone of fine craftsmanship, Fos Aionios Paschal candles evoke a sense of quietly felt inspiration in both communicant and celebrant. Expanding the borders of old technology and with unfailing attention to detail, the designer of Fos Aionios paschal candles has succeeded in merging traditional with modern, and has brought into being this treasury of candles to honor the Risen Christ.

Of 51% beeswax, which insures excellent burning qualities, each pattern is fashioned entirely by hand from first step to last. Never mass-produced, Fos Aionios paschal candles call the Paschal Celebration back to a simpler time, in memory of the Cross which never changes, and the risen Christ, who is the Light Eternal.

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