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Brigid's Cloak Paperback Millgan, Bryce

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Brigid's Cloak Paperback Millgan, Bryce

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St. Brigid is one of the patron saints of Ireland so is prominently found in religious tradition and folklore. Brigid's Cloak, by Bryce Milligan, is a tale retold in a way attractive to younger children about a wonderful and mysterious blue cloak Brigid receives on her birth from a Druid priest. The Druid heralds her as "mother of a new Ireland that is to come". Years later while attending her sheep and wearing the tattered cloak she imagines or experiences a dream that leads her to a crowded inn in Bethlehem. Is it a dream or her imagination or something greater? Children from ages 5 to 8 will enjoy this story and the opportunity to question as to whether it was a dream or something more. Brigid's Cloak is beautifully illustrated with watercolors by Helen Cann which helps give added meaning to this story of compassion and wonder. What fun it would be for a child named Brigid to receive this book! The book would be a lovely gift to give any child but especially an Irish child to introduce him or her to one of the great saints of Ireland.

Brigid's Cloak Bryce Milligan Paperback 32PGS

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