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Green Stone Trinity Knot Earrings

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Green Stone Trinity Knot Earrings

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Feeling lucky or do you need help from the Emerald Isle's 'Little People' like the Master Designers did to create this fine-looking, lucky Celtic trinity knot earring? With 15 crystals in each earring, this little Celtic trinity knot sparkles with their 'lucky magic'. We are wondering if the Master Designers coaxed the 'Little People' out of some of their secrets because this Celtic trinity knot is such an innovative and inspired piece. Let's face it, the Celtic trinity knot is a symbol that is so well-known, that many people use it as inspiration. However, our Celtic trinity knot presentation is an updated and unique look that highlights what Ireland is famous for: open metal work, the color green, and endless knots.

Glittering in each loop of the Celtic trinity knot are a pair of green crystals snuggled side-by-side. In the center of the Celtic trinity knot where the loops overlap each other to form the shape of a triangle, are three clear crystals that honor the lucky and sacred number three. And is there any question about the quality of Ireland's open metal work heritage as demonstrated by the rhodium plated work on our Celtic trinity knot earring? Lucky you!

Celtic Trinity Knot Earrings: color crystals with silver metal

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