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Church Candles

At St. Patrick's Guild, we are committed to helping you get the church candles you and your church need. No matter what size or style, we will work directly with you to ensure that you find whatever you are looking for. Among the most important distinctions to consider when buying church candles is the material the candle is made of. Our church candles come in Stearine, 51% beeswax, or 100% beeswax. No matter which material you prefer, a full range of candles can be ordered in whatever size and style you need. The most important word candle of all is the Paschal Candle. Blest during the Easter Season and burned only at special times throughout the liturgical year, these altar candles are traditionally tall and ornate. We stock a large selection of Paschal Candles that have a wide variety of colors and designs, meaning that you will find the perfect candle for your church.
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