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Danish Iron Candle Holder/Advent Wreath w/Glass Cups

Danish Iron Candle Holder/Advent Wreath w/Glass Cups

Item# 45835

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Our wrought iron candleholder makes a beautiful centerpiece on any table. Whether you are using it for your family's Christmas, Lenten or your next dinner party table, this Wrought Iron Candle holder celebrates every occasion. Four glass cups are included that hold ball shape candles on top of the wide Wrought Iron base. That provides an elegant presentation and the base works best on a flat surface. The Wrought Iron Candle holder is pictured with candles, but candles are not included. Select ball candles to add to your purchase below. We offer the plain white candles as shown as well as Advent purple and pink and 4 red ball candles which look beautiful in the holders when evergreen is added, too. With the changing seasons you can change the candles but our Wrought Iron Candleholder brings a nice artsy decor to any room at any time of the year.

Wrought Iron Candle Holder & Advent Wreath: 12-1/2" diameter with glass cups in place and 6-1/2"H including glass cups; 4 glass cups included; Candles not included, but can be added below along with replacement glass cups