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Divine Dance Rohr, Fr. Richard

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Divine Dance Rohr, Fr. Richard

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The Holy Trinity is one of the most not understood or mis-understood mysteries while being a central foundational doctrines of the Catholic Church. Fr. Richard Rohr, with Mike Morrell, tackles that mystery in his book The Divine Dance and discusses how learning more about and thus better understanding the Trinity can lead to personal transformation. The Forward by William Paul Young, author of The Shack which brought about new discussion about the Trinity, talks about the importance of relationship in our lives and in our world. In The Divine Dance, Fr. Rohr admits you can never really know "mystery" but you can try to gain a deeper understanding about it and how your life is affected by the mystery.

He points out that there is not a lot of written material about the Trinity, perhaps because of the difficulty in understanding the theologh. In The Divine Dance he tries to remedy to some extent this lack. He says "Whatever going on in God is a flow, a radical relatedness, a perfect communion between Three - a circle dance of love. And God is not just a dancer; God is the dance itself." The reader is called to learn more about this dance and the Trinity how he or she can join in, becoming transformed in the process.

The Divine Dance Fr. Richard Rohr with Mike Morrell Hardcover 217PGS

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