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First Communion Gifts

First Communion is an important period in the development of a child's faith. It marks the first time a child receives the Eucharist or body of Christ. This sacrament is celebrated in the Roman Catholic and Lutheran Churches and occurs between the ages of 7-9. Other Christian faiths recognize a First Communion in a different way, sometimes during infancy or only after Confirmation. Holy Communion is the third of seven sacraments in the Catholic church and can only occur after baptism and one’s First Confession or Reconciliation. The preparation for a Holy Communion is as important as the day itself because children begin to learn important Church doctrine, new prayers, and participate in classes and retreats. Parents are also very involved in activities and help their children better understand the maturity and faith required for the Holy Eucharist. As such, Holy Communion is very much a family-oriented process and celebration, yet is a time during which the child begins to take more responsibility for their faith life with a deeper understanding of various teachings and rituals.

Like many religious celebrations, First Communion encompasses many age-old traditions that include certain preparation rituals, the wearing of particular First Communion attire and accessories, and the giving of First Communion gifts and cherished mementos. Celebratory gatherings at church, home, and Catholic schools are incredibly common. At St. Patrick's Guild, we have everything you need to make your child's Holy Communion day special and memorable, including a wide variety of First Communion gifts.

If you are planning a First Communion party or gathering for family and friends, we have plenty of themed and reverent supplies to make it a seamless event.
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